Labioplasty Surgery (Labia Minora Reduction)
Labia Minora Reduction Labioplasty Which Method Is More Suitable For You?
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One of the most common aesthetic vaginal problems women are most troubled with is color change, sagging, and size of the labia minora and majora. The surgeries of labia minora reduction correction that is one of the sexual vaginal aesthetic surgeries are named aslabioplasty-labioplasty.

Anatomically, small labia minora (labium minus) are placed between large labia majora shaped like thin skin fold. They close and cover the clitoris as a sheath by meeting upwards in the centre line in front. The labia minora decrease towards the back and become a slight fold. Even if being of the labia minora long and big so as to get over the labia majora in some women does not cause an important health problem, it may create trouble by deforming the aesthetic cosmetic appearance. This situation, which may exist genetically by nature or become postnatal or as a result of excessive weight gain and loss, can affect the woman’s sexual life negatively, and create frigidity between couples. Labioplasty surgery in other words the labia minora aesthetics can be performed in everybody desired either married or single, gave birth or did not. The labia minora aesthetic surgery can also be performed with vaginal tightening surgery.

In this surgery that can easily be performed under local anesthesia, the labia minora are reduced as required and so as not to appear from between the labia majora. Time of the labia minora aesthetic surgery is 1 hour in average. In the labial minora aesthetic surgery, absorbable sutures are used. And it is not dressed after surgery, the operative field is left open, and this region is cleaned by antibiotic pomades.
The patient can return her daily life from the next day. Healing of the sutures is completed in a week. There will be swelling in about 3-4 days, and sometimes dull pains may be by sitting. The pain relieve to a great extent after 4 day. You can become in ability to do whatever you want after 1 week. After about 1 month, healing comes true so as nobody can understand. The genital region is a lucky region in terms of wound healing, and the scars appear next to nothing. It can be engaged in sexual intercourse 4 weeks after labioplasty surgery.

This surgery does not damage the hymen, and have any obstacle or damage to sexual intercourse, feeling pleasure, orgasm, pregnancy, and delivery. Scar is not left, and it is not understood to have been operated when the healing process finishes after the surgery. It does not have a problem about urination after surgery.

Sometimes, labia majora can also be bigger than normal, sagging and thick with the labia minora. In this type of situations, a correction can be provided by intervening in both labia minora and majora.
Labioplasty prices differ according to the surgical technique, your current situation, the way of anesthesia to be given, and whether you need additional intervention with it. To get detailed information about the Labioplasty prices, you should get examined.
Looseness and enhancement in the vaginal area is one of the serious sexual problems not only for women, also between couples. As the vagina enhancement and looseness can be depending on the genetic and body features structurally, it occurs in consequence of loosing and enhancing of the muscle, skin, mucosa and soft tissues in the vaginal region as a result of the trauma that may be occur such as excessive sexual intercourse, numbers of curettage, emaciation, weight gain loss, and after normal delivery.

Purpose of the vaginal tightening surgery or vaginal sexual aesthetic surgery is providing a configuration process aimed at increasing the sexual pleasure in the inner region, and correcting the aesthetic appearance in the outer region occurred in consequence of vagina looseness depending upon age or deliveries. If the patient desires, the application of non-surgical vaginal tighteningis also possible.
Vaginal tightening surgery can be performed especially when menstrual bleeding is over, or when there are 10 days at the latest to the period. For the bleeding to occur after surgery not to mix and unite with the menstrual bleeding, this timing is preferred. If the patient takes aspirin and vitamin pills, she should stop to use them 1 week in advance.
The surgery can be performed under sedation or general anesthesia. If sedation anesthesia is preferred, the patient can go home relievedly immediately after surgery.

In the vaginal rejuvenation surgery, or vaginal tightening surgery that takes an important place among vaginal aesthetic surgeries , the vaginal channel is tightened surgically from front to back, the sufficient amount of excess loosened mucosa and muscular tissue are is removed, and the muscular structures, which are loosened and of which anatomy broke down by separating from each other, are made become more stretched and tightened by suturing them again.

The basic principle, even the most important matter in vaginal aesthetics is not only reducing the internal volume, at the same time it is correctly bringing the muscular structure separated from each other together again. Also, erasing has occurred in the structures called ruga that provide to feel pleasure and friction in the internal area of vagina of the women undergone vaginal tightening surgery. And this reduces the friction between couples. By the vaginal tightening surgery, the erased parts of ruga are also removed, and thus ruga rejuvenation has been performed at the same time.
There is not much pain after vaginal tightening. Mostly, a sensitivity may be felt by sitting bound up with tamp. A tamp is left inside for 1 day, and it is removed the next day. Consequently, the patient reaches her usual comfort after tamp. A slight leakage may come from inside for 3-4 days. There is no need to do anything for it. The patient can return her normal life within 1-2 days, and healing of the tissues is completed in a week. Because absorbable sutures are used in the surgery, there is not the problem of suture removal. And the sexual intercourse and life can start after 4-6 weeks.
The results of vaginal tightening surgery are permanent. However, if a factor like delivery, excessive weight gain loss, and aging occurs once more, it is normal to form some loosening on the condition of not being as before.
Vaginal tightening surgery prices will vary from person to person and depending upon the additional application and operations with it. For the vaginal tightening surgery prices, you should come to get examined.