Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant
jority of men share the problem of hair falling out. This can be the result of following factors

Age, stress, poor nutrition or illness. This hair loss has a direct impact on the image. The advanced medical technology has found a solution for this problem. More and more men are deciding to use this treatment in order to get a more positive feedback on the appearance the hair by implant adding strengthening. This method will result in success if it is done right with the right choice of method for lack, individual and treating doctor of course.

The ways how implants will occur

There are 2 ways to be used for hair transplantation FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

And FUT method which is more recommended but in comparison FUE is a much more successful and recommended.

The FUE process will be this way, after analyzing the hair of the patient, the areas of implant will be chosen to implant. Then the roots of usually behind the ears or neck will be taken and transferred to the wished area (all this work is done by mm). The direction of the newly added roots is crucial. Local anesthesia will be done during this process the treatment will be 4-8 hours during FUE.

During the implant and recovery

The implanted roots will fall out after one month. This is expected and seen a lot of patients. In order to see the growth of new hair, it takes usually 100 days. The development of new hair will be approx. 6 Months.

After one year the implanted hair will show growth. In order to maintain this growth of hair all the recommended steps by the doctor are highly recommended to follow.