Anti-Aging Treatments

Anti-Aging Treatments


The Pure Esthetic Clinic uses only implants out of biological or endogenous material. For this reason no lasting side effects have occured among the thousands of patients who have been treated. Health comes before beauty!

Injections are made just under the skin’s surface (intracutan) into the troublesome skin area of the face. Afterwards facial wrinkles disappear quickly, but the duration of results is limited. In order to retain an optimal appearance it is recommended to repeat biological injections annually. Patients are, however, very satisfied with this procedure.

Botox injections, which are applied for the removel of deep brow creases and frown lines, achieve good results by temporarily preventing the muscles from contracting. Botulinum toxin has been used in medicine for many years and results in a smoother and tighter brow and eye area.

A skin analysis determines which implant should be used for which skin type. A decision is made to inject either collagen, hyaluron acid, botox or endogenous fat. This practice is based on the assumption, of course, that the operating surgeon is highly experienced in this field. Each therapy must be adjusted to the patient’s individual requirements and physical characteristics. All injected implants used in the correction of disturbing skin defects in face and body are performed on an out-patient basis with local anaesthetic.

Great results can be achieved with autologous fat injection – or lipotransfer, whereby the patient’s own fat cells are injected. The ingenuity of this method is that the removal of fat cells, the preparation and the injecting of the fat can now be carried out in such a gentle manner so as not to damage the cells and prevent them from subsequently dissolving after a short time. Fat cells can also be deep frozen and, where required, after six to twelve weeks injected without any extensive surgery in the out-patient facility.


With this treatment using one’s own fat, fat cells are extracted from problem zones, prepared in a special process and re-injected into the facial area by micro-injection. Thereby the aging process can be stopped. The fat cells are injected into different levels of the face to allow the skin’s own connective tissue cells to form.

Post-operative care

The patient should cool their face for 24 hours after injections, avoid wearing makeup and drinking alcohol. Thereafter makeup can be worn as usual.



Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a kind of toxin obtained from the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Botox, in other words this benign toxin, has an effect mechanism that prevents release of the substances providing the conduction in nevre endings, and stops the conduction between the nerves and the target organ. The interruption of nevre conduction as a result of botox provides failure to comply with the given order, reducing or completely removing of funtions of the organ that nevre reached. Botox, which can also be produced in laboratory environment, has been used in different treatment and diseases in medicine for many years, and become quite popular in class of the aesthetic and cosmetic purpose applications in our day.

It is benefited from the effect mechanism of botox in many fields in medicine. And in the field of plastic surgeryand cosmetic, it is used to reduce sweating in excessive sweating regions, and reduce the lines, mimic wrinkles on the face that are generally formed by the movements of mimic muscles.

Statistical data came from USA in recent years have shown that botox (bt-x) application is the most performed medical aesthetic treatment, and also that has showed the highest increase in applying. There are same directed data also in our country. Even if still some people did not hear its name at all, this situation decreases very quickly.
Botox that the easiest way of non-surgically getting rid of age lines and wrinkles disturbing us on our face has gone into use in cosmetics safely and successfully for 15 years.

Working for years of the mimic muscles, genetic factors, and habits make the folds covering muscles clearer, and thus dynamic linings in other words wrinkles on the face emerge. The most common dynamic lines are seen on forehead, between brows, eye corners (crow’s feet) and around the mouth. Lines on forehead, on lip and eye corners give an older appearance, and lines between brows give a beetle-browed, glare expression to the person. By performing botox application in these dynamic muscles on the face, the activity of mimic muscles is reduced; blockage of neuromuscular conduction and decreased muscle power and mobility by making botox also reduce the skin covering muscles to be fold with dynamic movements, and also decrese line-wrinkles formed by this. Thus, an abvious improvement is also provided in face shape that may look tired and angry.

Doctors who engage in cosmetics say that the age wrinkles are formed by skin recession as a result of contraction of muscles under the skin. At the end of relaxation of these muscles after botox, the wrinkles decrease or completely disappear.
The wrinkles that give the best response to the botox treatment are the forehead lines, eye contour wrinkles, on lip smoker lines, and the wrinkles between brows. Moreover, botox can be used in the treatment of laugh lines, neck and chin wrinkles, in corner lip lift, and in cases called platysmal band in neck. Sometimes, we can combine botox applications with the dermal fillers.

Botox For Forehead: Forehead region is one of the areas most showing the wrinkles and mimics on the face. The horizontal lines here can be corrected by botox application for forehead. While performing botox application for the forehead region, state of brows and eyelids is taken into consideration. Sometimes, it should be combined with the botox brow lift. The botox for forehead is frequently applied with the botox between brows.

Botox Between Brows: The area between brows; they are mimic lines showing the person quite tough and older, which are also named as frown lines. These wrinkles can be corrected by botox between brows. Sometimes, lines between the brows may be quite deep; in this case filling and botox application can be performed together.

Around Eyes Botox: It is also known as crow’s feet botox. The wrinkles that occur around the eyes especially when we laugh can be corrected by the around eyes botox. Eye bags, under eyes and eye holes are not corrected with this application.

Botox For Lips: It is a botox application affecting the smoking lines on the upper lip. Botox for lips does not bring volume in the lip, swell the lip. It just corrects the wrinkles. The botox application for lips differs from the other botox applications.

Botox For Chin: In the wrinkles of the tip of chin, botox for chin is applied. At the same time, by blocking the muscles pulling the lower lip corners down, the lip corners can also be lifted.

Botox For Neck: 2 vertical muscle groups in the neck can be corrected by botox for neck. Relaxation of these muscles removes especially the vertical “turkey neck” appearance. The amoun of botox injected in neck area is more compared to other areas. This application des not help tightening of the neck, removal of fats or correction of sagging.

Botox For Nose: What to understand when the subject is the non-surgical rhinoplasty is lifting the nasal tip by botox and camouflage of the nasal hump by using filler. By botox for nasal tip, the tip descending especially while laughing becomes corrected. Apart from this, the mimic lines on upper part of the nose can be corrected by performing botox application in the nose. Botox For Gummy Smile – Botox For Excessive Gingival Display: Especially in the patients with upper jaw problem, the gingivae can seem excessively when they laugh. This problem can be camouflaged by the botox for excessive gingival display.

Botox For Migraine: The migraine headaches that are especially derived from the front part of head can be corrected by botox for migraine injected in this region. As the botox relaxed the muscles, the compressed nerves relax, and the patient does not feel migraine headaches within 6-month period.
Except facial region mimic lines, botox has also impacts on the brows and around. Being low of the brows shows the person older, and sometimes angrier. Here, by blocking the muscles pulling the brows down by botox, the brows lift from corners a bit and get more impressive state. The botox brow lift is not an alternative to surgery, and can be performed by combining with the other botox applications. Botox brow lift can be performed quite naturally.
One of the most important matters about botox is to be especially original, and maybe the more important thing is to be used in appropriate dosages. In the market, original Allergan branded Botox and English Dysport are counted as original botox. I don’t presume that a good doctor uses such a thing, but yet we should be careful about botox. Apart from this, there are many kinds of Far East and Chinese made Botoxes. The patients should absolutely avoid very cheap and different botox brands.
Botox is a temporary application, and even if the effect time of botox changes depending on wrinkle intensity and muscle power difference in the people, it last from 4 months to 6 months in average. Moreover, with application frequency, this time can last longer. Another point to know is that after the effect of botox is over, it will be returned to the state before application, and any worse situation will not occur in any circumstances.
Sometimes, the patients have difference between botoxes they had before, or between botoxes performed in different clinic and centers. The most important reson is that botox should be used quickly when opened, not be kept in refrigerator for long time. The effect of the awaited botox decreases. For this reason, it is necessary to prefer centers where botox is performed too much. When over-watered or awaited-in-refrigerator botox is applied, its effect will get over more quickly.

Sometimes, the patients may not get the result they desire after botox application, and sometimes by speeding up they may think it didn’t show its effect. Because the botox effect completely places after 15 days, if the patient has a deficiency or trouble with botox, he/she should wait this time. After 15 days, little botox touches correct the problem. However, these touches are never performed after 2-3 months.
Along with non-being permanent, temporary botox side effect may occur. Botox applications have been performed for a long time; although a serious side effect has not been published officially until today, with inappropriate dose and wrong applications, undesired and temporary, absolutely even if nothing is done, side effects may occur. Because the botox toxin is applied in doses not to give harm to the body, its application is quite safe, and it has almost no side effects. The most common side effect is small bruises that are not a situation specific to botox; it is specific to the needle and injection. Another situation that may be counted as a side effect is the accumulation that may occur on the eyelids and brows. This situation occurs as a result of decrease effect of the skin on the muscle mass; generally it disappears by itself within 1 month. Sometimes, it may be necessary eye drop for single-sided falling in the eyelid. Moreover, asymmetrical brow lifts that can be removed with the corrective application may be seen at the end of applications.
The effect of botox is not permanent, lasts for 6 months in average. Consequently, it is not possible to speak of permanent paralysis. This effect is an effect we want. And in its mechanism, it stops the conduction given to muscle for a while. Thus, we cannot move and work sufficiently our mimic muscles, and the wrinkles here disappear.
When botox application is performed, expression does not disappear; on the contrary you get rid of unnecessary mimic and wrinkles. Sometimes, with botox performed strictly, you can move the muscles slightly; this situation reduces in a certain time. While some patients prefer this situation, some of them prefer the natural applications. Also, instead of blockage of all muscles by botox, blockage of some muscles prevents already formation of poker face. I personally prefer the botox applications that don’t create change on the facial expression of the patient, but by which the wrinkles are corrected.
Botox prices, vary according to the number of area where botox will be applied. For example, price of botox only for between brows, and price of botox for between brows and around eyes will be different. Botox prices in wrinkle treatment are calculated according to the number of are to be applied for each patient.

In addition, the price of botox used in sweating treatment changes according to the face. Price of botox for underarm sweating and price of botox for hand sweating may differ.

Of course, the price cost of each botox center will also be different. Very cheap botox prices may point at the botox that is over-watered, awaited, and has low effect. And this case happens in centers that don’t have many botox patients, and botox application is not performed in.

When botox prices are quite affordable compared to the prices of other medical aesthetic applications, generally filling (augmentation) prices, laser prices can be higher. With regard to the patient, being relatively more acceptable of the botox prices, but being very high of its efficiency has made the botox application a quite “cost effective” application.

In our clinic, when you come to the botox application, you don’t need anyone else with you. Some clinics request to be at least 2 persons during the botox application. This situation is not valid for our clinic, consequently even if you will have just one area applied, you can apply for botox; the price applied to you will be determined for the area you want, all vials price will not be applied. For the current period 2016 year botox prices, you can reach by telephone, learn the price by filling out the form.

Lip Aesthetics Lip Augmentation

Plump lips have been the symbol of beauty and aesthetics throughout history. In some persons, it may be in question a structural thinness, and sometimes may be thinning of the lips by reasons such as increasing age and going through menopause. This problem can be corrected by surgical and non-surgical methods.

In the surgical methods, fat taken out from another area is injected into the lip. However, being less of the permanence of this method, necessity of to be repeated prompted us to the dermal fillers of which application is much easier in lip augmentation. Especially by the injections to be made into red and white lines of the lip, the lip contours can be made clear.

Also, by the injections to be made into the lip mucosa and philtrum, it is provided correction in aesthetic appearance of the lip. Frequently, hyaluronic acid containing preparates are used. It is necessary to avoid long acting, lifetime permanent filling application for lip augmentation. These applications disrupt the structure of lip area, and create hardness, fibroma, and agglomeration. For this reason, always temporary filling application should be performed on the lip. If the patient desires a permanent application, it can be provided not with filler, with the application of permanent lip implant called permalip.

Being a moving area of the lip region makes this area with more disadvantages. So, many companies, by increasing the stabilization, have released special forms such as lip, kiss. I definitely prefer the fillers specially produced for the lip, thus the patients can really get plump lips for about 6-7 months. These are the lip plumping dermal fillerssuch as Teosyal kiss, Restylane lip volume, and Juvederm volift.

In addition, the lip fillers called Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Volift have been developed in recent years. While Juvederm Volift is used in lip augmentation and lip plumping, Juvederm Volbella is used in forming lip contour, and in addition in the wrinkle treatment. This filler contains hyaluronic acid called Vycross technology that have more effective cruciate ligaments, but with lower molecular weight. Also, due to local anesthetic it contains, it creates very slight swelling, and oedema. In recent times, local anesthetic containing lip fillers are used, thus complaints like pain, swelling are minimalized in the patient.

Lip Augmentation application is an operation lasting for 15 minutes in average, applying some cold or ice of the patient after application of lip augmentation will increase her comfort.

Another technique that is not preferred much in lip augmentation is the procedure of moving the part of mucosa of the lip forward by surgery. It has lost its place in practice after the success of the fillers in our day.

Most Wondered Things In Lip Augmentation Procedure

While performing lip augmentation, the most important matter is to take care of it to be natural. For this reason, performing the application without being more than necessary, controlledly, without injecting the whole tube into the upper lip, by knowing what the lip needs will create a natural result.
Especially, between red and white line on the upper lip, red part of the lip and middle of the lip area is made clear. Also, according to the lip structure and need, personal different applications are performed.
I usually perform application in both upper and lower lips. I use most part of the filler in the under lip, and the less part in the lower lip.
Either cream or local anesthesia can be made in the course of application. The lip filler I use contains local anesthetic within itself. For this reason, with a slight cream application, lip augmentation can be applied without forming any pain.
Lips are rapidly swelling structures. However, due to good lip fillers in our day, it does not occur swelling as much as before. Even if absolutely an oedema occurs after application, the lips become in more acceptable state after 2 hours. You can continue your normal life, apply lipstick the next day. After 3 days, they will get a better appearance, and after 1 week will become completely healed. And after 1 month after the lip augmentation application, the lips always become more beautiful and natural.
After the cosmetic lip augmentation, bruise may occur even if rarely. Being completely composed of capillaries of the lip causes this. It usually gets over by itself within 2-3 days.
The lip augmentation prices may vary firstly according to type, quality, and brand of the filler. Number of the filler to be used to plump the lip affects the price. While generally only one filler suffices to upper lip and lower lip, sometimes due to preference and request of the patient, more than one filler are used. And this is also a factor affecting the lip augmentation price. For the most reliable price information, you can get examined, send e-mail from the menu on the side.
Permalip is not a permanent lip augmentation application, is permanent lip plumping procedure. Permalip is a lip implant that is similar to lip, in jelly consistency, non-aqueous, non-blowing out, non-leaky in any way. It is placed in both lower and upper lips by a 30-minute application under local anesthesia. Permalip is a lifelong permanent lip enhancement procedure. You can get more detailed information about Permalip, by clicking the Permalip link from the menu on the side.
The lip reduction procedure that is a reverse situation of lip augmentation is an operation performed for the patients with too thick, plump lips and who are troubled with that. In this operation performed under local anesthesia, tissue is removed from mucosa part of the lip, and the wound lips are brought end to end. Because the mucosa heals very well, any scar is not left. There will be swelling lasting for 1 week in the lip. However, you can continue your normal life.

Dermal Fillers

Some wrinkles and undesired lines are formed on our face by the age, sunlights, and mimic movements. We use dermal fillers that got diversified in recent years to get rid of these lines.
As well as we can use the dermal fillers directly in hollowed, sunken areas, or the area we want to bring volume in; indirect applications can also be performed by the modern fillers in our day. To give an example to this, it can be provided the under eye hollows to seem less hollowed and better, by performing a filler application right under the under eye hollow without filling the hollow. In other words, with direct and indirect applications, changes can be provided on whole face.
  • Lines coming down from each sides of the nose (Nasolabial Lines)
  • Lines between the nose and the mouth (Philtral Lines)
  • Lip augmentation
  • Radial lines around lips
  • Corner lip lift
  • Wrinkles around eyes
  • Camouflaging under eye bags
  • Correcting under eye hollows
  • Lines on forehead
  • Brow lift
  • Acne scars
  • Deformities formed as result of accident or trauma
  • Cheek and cheekbone augmentation
  • Bring volume in tip of the chin
  • Non-surgical nose job, nasal correction
  • Making chin corners noticeable
  • Correction of some asymmetries in the body
Many classifications of dermal fillers can be made. These are according to where they are perfomed like cheek fillers, facial fillers, lip fillers,under eye fillers (light filling), around eye wrinkle fillers, deep and volume-creating fillers, uncross-linked fillers (IAL system youth vaccine, teosyal redensity), etc.

Moreover, dermal fillers are also classified according to their permanence time.
  • Non-permanent fillers
  • Semi-permanent fillers
  • Permanent fillers

Non-Permanent Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is actually a sugar chain in polysaccharide structure (NASHA). It is found naturally in human body, creatures. The function of the hyaluronic acid found naturally in tissues is to carry water to the skin and fix it. The synthetic or animal originated acid can easily be accepted by the body. This substance has duties such as cell division, providing the joint lubrication, and giving tightness to the skin.

Hyaluronic acid can keep a thousand times more water than its volume, and retain its shape where it is injected for a long time. It has been presented to the cosmetic applications by being produced in special laboratory conditions. It is removed by being metabolized by the body within 6-12 months in average.

Because allergic reaction is not observed in these fillers, there is no need for any allergic test. In this group, there are many different brands such as Restylane, Perlane, Puragen, Teosyal, Varioderm, Surgiderm, Juvederm, Teosyal Redensity (Light Filler), Amalian, Idea, Perfectha, and Juvederm Voluma.


Teosyal filler is one of the non-animal origin fillers. It creates fewer side effects compared to other hyaluronic acid-based ones. There are types of Teosyal fillers according to the region to be performed application in.

  • Teosyal First Lines
  • Teosyal Touch Up
  • Teosyal Global Action
  • Teosyal Deep Lines
  • Teosyal Ultra Deep
  • Teosyal Ultimate
Its feature is the it is a filler specially produced for lip. The lips are an area that shows different features from the other areas. It has a moving structure and contains mucosa.

Consequently, while an ordinary filler melts in the lip earlier than its time, this filler that has been specially prepared in the form of lip filler stays as plump in the lips for at least 6-8 months, and keeps itself even for a longer time. However, this procedure is not the permanent lip augmentationprocedure. There is also local anesthetic in the lip filler by itself. By this means, the patients do not feel pain in the course of application at all. And this eases the application of lip augmentation, and the swelling afterwards becomes at least.

Teosyal kiss does not create a situation like cyst, fibroma, or hardness that may be observed in other lip fillers. While performing the application of lip augmentation, I personally inject some part of the tube into the lower lip, not the whole tube into the upper lip. Thus, the upper lip does not become excessive big, and it appears natural, and also volume in also the lower lip becomes increased.
The under eye filler applications was a relatively difficult application for the patients and doctor before. Being very thin and sensitive of the under eye skin were showing the filler too much. Due to Redensity 2 light filling and the semi cruciate ligaments it contains, the hollownesses, troughs, and lower part of the eye bags that are between the under eye and the cheek can be easily be treated.

At the same time, the under eye filling also lightens the under eye bruises in certain amount due to protein, vitamin, antioxidant, and minerals it contains. Due to local anesthetic found in its structure, it does not form pain. Also, due to application technique with cannula, it forms almost no bruise, swelling under the eye. Redensity 2 under eye filling is permanent for about 1 year.
Juvederm filler is a hyaluronic acid-containing filler produced by the Allergan company. There are filler types named as Juvederm Ultraplus, Juvederm Smile, Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Volbella, and Juvederm Volift. Voluma, Volift, and Volbella, which are among the fillers produced by the company by using Vycross technology, have this characteristic. This characteristic reduces the intensity of hyaluronic acid by making the cruciate ligaments stronger and more effective. Also, this filler keeps less water because of its less hydrophilic characteristic, thus less oedema, swelling occurs in the patient.

This situation provides comfort for both the patient and the doctor. While one of these fillers Voluma is used in cheekbone, cheeks, tip of the chin, and nasolabial lines; Volift is used in lip mucosa, and bringing volume in the lip; and Volbella in lip and mouth around. Also, each 2 fillers provide opportunity for painless application of augmentation due to licodaine they contain.
By combining the Juvederm fillers in different ways, a volumetric correction or non-surgical facial aesthetics can be performed to the patient. For this application, Voluma, Volbella and Volift fillers are used. In the wrinkles on forehead and around eyes Juvederm Volbella is performed; under eyes are also corrected with this filler. The procedure of bringing volume in temporal region, cheek bone region, and cheeks is performed by using Juvederm Voluma. In addition, by using Juvederm Volift in the brows and cheeks, brow lift and facial tightening can be generated. In this application, a total approach to the patient is required. For that kind of application, it is necessary to use at least 3-4 fillers.

Cheek augmentation application can be performed very successfully with Juvederm. With the cheek augmentation, cheekbones can be made clearer, and an un-lifting can be provided on the cheek. Sunken cheek and lower part of cheek can also be corrected with the cheek augmentation.
The effectiveness time of these fillers changes between 3-5 years. Each substance has a different effect mechanism. These fillers are applied more in the cheek and nasolabial lines. Applying in lips is not a situation I prefer. We can count these fillers as Radiesse, Sculptura, and Beautical 2/5.
Radiesse is a calcium hydroxyapatite-containing, quite safe filler. Radiesse is usually used in the cheek, lines between nose cheek lip, chin, and making the cheek bones clearer. Application is performed into the lower layer of dermis. In about 1 week after application, the filler enters into the cells and more natural appearance is formed. Radiesse filler does not cause allergy. It is more permanent than the hyaluronic acid-based applications.
Aquafilling is long-acting filler that is applied in body region, completely water-based, has permanence for 5-8 years, and in jelly consistency. Aquafilling filler is used in the non-surgical breast augmentation procedure, non-surgical hip butt augmentation, and correction of leg curvatures non-surgically. Moreover, it is a high volume filler type that is injected in an existing hollowness or in the area without volume in order to bring volume.
Aqualift filler is also similarly water-based, and contains hydrophilic gel. It is used especially in body region, breast, calf, buttock augmentation as in the aquafilling applications. It has approximately 5-year permanence. Aqualift application is also performed with local anesthesia in the body regions. Aqualift filler does not also cause any immunologic reaction, allergic reaction; it is a safely-used filler.

Permanent Fillers

  • It can be injected in great amounts compared to the other fillers (for example, as 500- 1500 cc), and then when desired the injected endo-prosthesis can be removed. However, in the areas where the skin is thin like facial region, instead of injection of the great amount of bioalcamid at one time, it is suggested to perform application a few sessions with 2-month intervals.
  • Because there is not an enzyme demolishing the bioalcamid in the body, at the same time because the material is resistant to oxidation and hydrolysis, the result is permanent.
  • Its injection does not require allergy test.
  • It can be kept in room temperature.
  • Because the surrounding thin collagen layer is fixed in the area where the implant material is injected, the injection does not move from its region towards the surrounding tissue.

There are 3 different forms of Boalcamid. Lip, face, and body. Contents of these forms are same, elasticities are different. Because the Bioalcamid is not injected into mucosa, it is used not in lip thickening, in making lip contour clear.

As well as Bioalcamid can be used in cosmetic purpose; due to it can be used in great amounts, it is applied successfully in correction of deformities, bringing volume in the depressed hollow regions, breast deformities, and volume problems in extremities.
Artecoll is an injectable material that has impact on facial wrinkle and other skin disorders for a long time. Artecoll is the shape made into globules in 30 micron diameter of the 2/3 of denatured bovine collagen and 1/3 of a material known with the name of polymethyl methacrylate. Due to these globules are stored in tissue, its absorbtion and rejection is not possible.

The collagen in Artecoll is absorbed after 3 months, but the PMMA globules are permanent and the new tissue formation occurred around it provides the permanence of Artecoll. Artecoll shows process of placin in the region applied within the first 20 days. The actual desired effect begins from this, and completely appears within 3 months.

After Artecoll is applied, placing in the skin and being sourrounded by the fibrin fibers generated by fibroblast cells complete in 3 months at the earliest. Especially with an additional application performed after 3-4 months, effectiveness and success can be increased. It requires an allergy test to the fore arm 14-28 days before application; even if it is mostly negative, 1-2 % of allergic reaction can be observed.

Wondered Questions About Fillers

It continues according to the feature of the material used, as 6-12 months in the hyaluronic acid-containing preparations, 1-2 years in Poly L Lactic acid-containing applications, 3 years in the hydroxyapatite-containing preparations, and lifelong in the permanent fillers.
An application takes 15-30 minutes in average. It is performed extremely easily just the same as botox.
A pain does not occur so as to bother the person, if desired, it can be applied numbing cream 30-60 minutes before application, in some applications local anesthesia can be performed.
Because the application is performed with and injection methos, a slight swelling may occur, it will be beneficial to apply ice afterwards. Especially in the lip ijections, swelling will be more.
The application can be performed in any time, in lunch break, and then you can relievedly turn back your work.
While applying filler, needles are used in general. Although these needles are extremely fine, sometimes they may cause bruises in the patients with sensitive skin. To avoid this situation, filler application is also performed with the tips called cannula that is as fine as needle, but of which tip is not sharpened. Thus, swelling and bruise do not occur.
Filler prices vary according to the type, brand, time of the filler used, how many to be used, and the place of application. While sometimes one filler can suffice, there may be need for more number of filler according to your state. In this case, the price cost will change. For this you should get examined.